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Re: [IP] Insurance issue

I haven't had experience with your situation but here are some ideas.  Make 
sure you know what is and isn't covered under your policy.  It seems strange 
that they would spend the money on a pump and then not supply you with the 
equipment to use it (but then again it is and insurance company! :).  Call 
and ask why this is the case.  Most importantly write a complaint letter.  
List all your thoughts and frustrations on the matter - why would you be 
supplied with a pump and not be covered for the supplies to use it?, why was 
your initial 3-month supply covered and then stopped?, pump therapy is 
cheaper than hospitilization,  better diabetes control for you means less 
cost for them, etc. Add any other valid reason you can think of.  Sometimes 
letter writing can really help.  Also, call and get a contact person in the 
insurance company's customer service or complaint department so you can deal 
with the same person each time you call or write and hold them responsible 
for the answers that you need.  I hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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