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Re: [IP] Pre-Pump classes

Roger wrote:

>>Rose Lea I have my new pump on now! At 1:30 PM I became a Borg I guess. I
on saline till Mon the 8th. They have there system and will not change it. I
was told I new everything I needed to do the insulin but rules are rules.
real change for me and you is the loss of NPH. I will take my last NPH Sun
night I am sure you will have no trouble. I put a tender in with no problems
they said I did it like I had done them before. Come on in the water is
fine. <<

Roger, congrats.  I did my saline trial already before I even ordered my
pump.  I'm ready to go live on May 15, have already received the
instructions from my CDE for that morning (don't take any insulin, don't
eat, bring a bag breakfast, etc.).  I'm so excited, I can't wait, been
turning cartwheels!


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