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Re: [IP] Behavior modification

> It sounds like it may be time for a little 
> "behavior modification" to help Nicole 
> "remember" to do her boluses and blood tests.  
> <snip> But, when she lost a few privileges 
> for forgetting to bolus or check her sugar,
> she started remembering very quickly.  
> Nothing drastic, just losing phone or
> TV privileges for an evening, or losing the 
> privilege to choose her own snacks.  But, 
> it didn't take long at all.  She's 11 now, 
> and honestly hasn't forgotten a bolus for 
> months now.
I won't say I disagree with your parenting because:
A) I don't really disagree
B) It's not my place to, and I'm not a parent myself 

BUT, I will say that the picture leaves a bad taste in 
my mouth.  Like being punished for being diabetic (and 
really we all get enough punishment as it is).  Now I'm 
just left wondering... wondering what the heck I would 
do in your situation... So far I don't have an answer...

I'll also say that I agree with what someone here said 
a couple days ago... In a lot of ways it's easier BEING 
the diabetic, than having to care for and worry about a 
loved one who is.

- -Sara G.

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