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Re: [IP] Behavior modification

My understanding of behavior modification is that it can be positive
re-inforcement (rewards) or negative (penalties).  I agree that you don't
want to do too much of the penalties thing, but part of it depends on the
pattern of behavior and your best guess (parents don't know _everything_) as
to why the behavior is happening.  If the child is occassionally forgetting,
that's human nature.  If, on the other hand, the child is forgetting
accidentally-on-purpose (as a part of denial, say), then the behavior needs

Having gone through a great deal of this when my son was younger (he's not
diabetic, but did have some behavior in school that _needed_ modifying), I'd
have to say neither approach is 100%.  You don't, after all, want to lead
them to expect that necessary self-care will always bring a tangible reward,
but a little judicious rewarding can go a long way.  Similarly, making it
the child's problem that s/he 'forgot' to test for the fifth time in a row
by temporarily withdrawing a privilage, can also help when 'positive' steps
don't.  I had better luck with limited-duration inconveniences (e.g. losing
TV for tonight, not for a week) consistently applied than with dire threats
(or huge rewards) that were more in the future.

Of course, your child may vary! :)

Kathy Trondsen

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