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[IP] Re: Bone Scan

I had a bone scan last year, to find what was wrong with my foot,(couldn't 
see the stress fracture on regular x-ray, at any angle) I am not on a pump 
yet, so I can't help you with that aspect, but I can tell you what they do.  
I went in and they injected me with some stuff, don't remember exactly what 
it was, nuclear medicine, I think, and I had a couple hours to waste.  Came 
back and they put me on this table and taped down my feet (so I wouldn't run 
away? J/K, so they would stay still) and then the scanning started. 45 
minutes on both sides.  They scanned from the top first, The table moved 
from one end to the other, then the put the scanner underneath and scanned 
from head to toe.  Not quite sure why they had to scan from head to toe for 
a broken foot, just standard procedure I guess, but all in all a painless 
and fairly interesting experience.  Got to see what the I look like through 
a bone scan.  Did the trick, to, saw my broken bone that every possible 
angle of x-ray couldn't.
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