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Re: [IP] The problems of life

God did not give me diabetes. The toxins WE have created caused my pancreas 
to shut down. I don't know who sneezed, or what I drank or eat, or which air 
exchange I inhaled when I received the virus.

I don't ask WHY, I simply THANK GOD DAILY for all that I have learned.

God's world was planned to be PERFECT and the body to be able to heal itself.
We have altered genetics, we have created chemicals to adjust God's plan in 
development/procreation to have bigger cows and more corn per stalk.

I am grateful for those who used their intelligence and creativity to assist 
me to
Live Even Better With Diabetes and to be an example to others to accept their 
responsibility to manage their own health crisis.

My Mission and Passion:
Guide and motivate a proactive attitude in self responsibility, targeting 
today's crisis in health care.

God Bless,
Karen Martin, RN MA

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