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[IP] Behavior modification

Personally, I wouldn't deprive my kid of any thing for forgetting to bolus.  It
is hard to believe that a kid would intentionally pass on a bolus and if they do
there is more wrong than no TV for a week will fix.

We have had weeks when she FORGOT to bolus as much as 3 days in a row at lunch
time.  It really messes up the numbers.  We set a goal of bolusing everyday for
a week and then we took a trip to the book store and she could get any book she
wanted.  She made it and now we are going for the end of the year and a bigger
reward.  Don't tell her but she is getting the reward even if she misses a few

I don't know about all kids but I think in general they are under tons of
pressure without diabetes then we through in trying to be a pancreas and expect
them to perform like a champ.

I say reward them for dealing with all of this SHIT, don't try to beat them into

Thanks for listening,

Curtis Lomax

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