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Re: [IP] Diabetes for Christmas (to Ginny)

><<<of all things he remembered that in kindergarden I had
>accidents..And it was blared all over the loud speakers.>>>

      I, too, had an accident in school...but I was 15 and, until now, have 
never made the connection with my immediate and frequent urges to my 20+ 
year later DX!! I had my tonsils out that year some months before the 
"accident" also!!

><<<....... he believes in the committment he made to me so many
>years ago when we said our wedding vows to each other.. He is such a
>sweetheart. And he has been through the worst with me and still finds me
>lovable..even in the worst times...now that is a special person ;) diabetes
>doesn't turn him off LOL he really works with me with the diabetes..>>>

        My now EX husband did the exact opposite of yours...he felt that I 
was so much LESS of a person when I was Dxed and went into immediate severe 
complications...THIS after 12 years of "normal" marriage....his vows were 
for ME to stand by him when HE was DXed manic depressive...but NOT for HIM 
to stand by me in my time of need...he started saying I was worthless and 
useless when I started battling to keep my legs from amputation. I had 
casts from toe to hip on both legs to try to halt the gangrene from a 
severe staph infection (they filled the casts with meds). Needless to 
say...he left...we divorced...my self esteem was destroyed...I became 
suicidal as my battle continued. You are so very fortunate....and it's good 
that you know it is one of your great blessings!!
Pumping soon and climbing back on the "horse" again....Carole Eve

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