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[IP] carb ratios and outdoor ed

greetings from a very happy mom this am!

last two nights I have changed geneva's regimens.

reduced night time basals ( 9PM - midnight)  from 1.0 down to .8    but..did
a very drastic change in carb ratios after 9 pm.  she is now on a 1:12

for the past few months we have been using a very high basal at night and a
low carb ratio.  (around 1:30 or 1:35.)   endo says...try raising carb ratio
and decrease basals.

I am presently checking geneva at 11:45 pm because she heads to outdoor ed
on may 15th and I spoke with a head counselor there this week who said that
a cabin counselor would be going to bed around 11:30 and could awaken geneva
to test then.

BG at 11:45 pm last two nights:   95  and 100
morning BGs       "      "       "     177         96  (this morning!)

I am fine tuning this so that she is running around 120 at midnight and at
wakeup.  I don't like her too near that 100 while asleep.  chances of
dropping ...

it seems that she really needs an aggressive carb ratio after 9 pm.  in the
past,  her high basals were fine if she fell asleep  (inactivity?),  but if
she was at a sleepover and was up and active,  she would crash.

now,   her lunch and dinner ratio is pretty conservative, comparatively
speaking.  1:20.

breakfast and after 9 PM are her highest carb ratio times.  I actually tried
a 1:10 this am for her waffles.  we will see today if too high.  yesterday
we did a 1:12 and she was 287 at 11 am.

for those interested:

12 midnight - 3 am                .3
3 am                                    .4
4 am - 12 noon                     .5
12 noon -  3 pm                    .3  (still a ?  ... very active sometimes
at recess)
3 pm  - 9  pm                        .5
9 pm -  12 midnight                .8   (reducing tonight to .7)

on another note.  outdoor education on may 15 for five days.

spoke with a head counselor there who happens to be hypoglycemic.  she was
VERY curious about the function of the pump.  also extremely helpful.  she
told me all of the menus that geneva would be eating.  mostly things that
geneva can figure out.  they serve the food family style so geneva can bring
her own measuring cup to the table and measure her pasta, etc.
she told me when they eat dinner and that they don't eat desserts or stuff
at night.  not allowed to have candy in cabins.  we will see  ;-)
said that during the rest period in afternoon, geneva could call me with her
bgs and that she could change her site at this time in the infirmary.

I feel alot better now,  knowing that geneva's numbers at night are better
than last week!  and that the people at this outdoor ed are so
accommodating.  there is also another MDI kid from another school attending
same session as geneva.  we are trying to get them together for camp
activities.  a boy...so no cabin sharing.

our plan is to decrease basals by about 30% and see how the first day goes.
we will let her run a bit higher at night.

mom to 11 yr. old geneva, about to attend outdoor ed and first time away
from me for more than a night with pump.

geneva ate cereal at 9 PM last night and she had pasta at 9 PM the night
prior.  so I know that her new carb ratio...   1:12   is doing the right
wake up BG:
> I'm 55 and my basals change every couple of weeks!  Not only that but so
> my insulin carb ratios at times.  I'm pretty sure of myself as my daytime
> basals are fine and so are my carb ratios but depending on the time of
> (I think it has something to do with the growth hormone and light

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