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[IP] Son's dream

On Wed, 3 May 2000 Rev. Randall Winchester <email @ redacted> wrote:

> His response also brought me to tears... he said "I had a good dream, Daddy.
> I dreamed we were flying kites at the park and you felt good all the time 
> you didn't have to have your medicine box (that's what he calls my pump)... 
> Then he looked at me and asked "That's a good happy dream, wasn't it?" All I
> could do was kind of mumble yes, give him a hug and after a moment tell him
> that was a dream I'd like to have...

My son Meir Moshe one day found my old 507 pump in my ancient pump collection 
and asked me if I could hook it up to him.  He is VERY 'be like my tottee 
(daddy)' and so if I wear one he wants one.

He is extraordinarily careful about checking how much insulin I have left in 
pump at LEAST once a night, reminding me to take blood sugars and offering to 
do anything he can (getting syringes, catheters, insulin, glucose tabs, juice, 
test equipment

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