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[IP] Personal opinions vs personal attacks

I think all of us who have pumped for longer than a few months have gotten to 
the point of loving their own pump, wanting everyone else to love their pump 
and secretly wishing their pump had SOME feature or other (or others) which 
would make it just that much better.

I'm glad we all have this forum to discuss and banter and whatnot but 
sometimes I feel like I'm watching my seven and five year old have it out over 
a toy or game.

I can also get pretty emotional about pumping and about pumps (you are all 
invited to my 20th anniversary of pumping on June something which I'll look up 
in the next couple of days to determine when it is and wait until someone 
suggests the proper way to celebrate (I think it's getting the newest latest 
greatest pump and connecting that day along with a live glucose sensor but the 
R&D guys at MInimed and other pump companies don't seem to think that this is 
a very good use of their research materials)).

Seriously: we should all be free to voice our opinions of things without 
getting overly emotional and calling names.  I don't think I signed onto this 
forum to get a psychiatric evaluation (although it would be cheaper and 
probably better than one could get 'professionally').

If someone has 'bad' information that they pass to web: just post a 
correction.  For example there are many people who seem to think the D pump 
shuts itself down after two years no matter what.  Just a simple post with 
explanation of what really does happen would be fine.

Of course, we could try to limit our expressions to what we know (i.e. if one 
has a minimed keep one's comments to that) but of course since almost all of 
us have spoken to reps from at least two of the companies and since some of us 
have had over a dozen different pumps (from at least six companies that I can 
think of off top of my head but don't quote or blast me on this) it wouldn't 
be far.

Anyway have a great day, keep up the good control and if anyone has some spare 
blood to send me after I go for testing next week please send to my home (I 
think the doctor would have had an eaiser time choosing tests NOT to give me 
than checking off the ones he wanted).

Yerachmiel Altman

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