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Re: [IP] Sara's Idea for Partnering a MA tag with the pump

><<<I might find someone with a
>scanner that allows you to program a sewing machine to embroider a patch
>saying Medical alert and put the card inside the leather case.
>Tom Carlson - Pumping with a 508 for 4 months>>>

Taking it a step further...if you find (or anyone can do it out there) a 
source to embroider on a machine....how about that person offering to make 
a MA patch to sell to us for a few dollars to sew or iron on anywhere we 
see a need for one? Maybe a couple designs...each one saying boldly 
"MEDICAL ALERT" and then maybe "see info inside" or "info in wallet" or 
...? Maybe we should talk to a "patch" embroidery shop....maybe I should, yes?
If I get 20 short responses of interest I will get on it...multiple orders 
lower the cost...ideas for wording welcomed too!  Let's do this 
somehow...build on a VERY good idea!!  Carole Eve

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