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[IP] Don't know if there is any truth to this but if it could help someone...

Hardening of the arteries in the legs is a major concern of
those with diabetes. The problem is that it may lead to amputation.

We have had exceptional success in preventing this problem and
in those who arrive with this problem, great success in reversing the
situation. We haven't seen an amputation in years.

Now in Vascular Medicine 2000; 5:11-19 comes an article about
the HeartBars we have talked about. It seems that in those who
have poor circulation in their legs, two bars a day were significantly
better that one daily if you were having pain while walking.
They found with two Heart bars daily...
* pain free walking increase 66%
* total walking distance improved 23%
* general quality of life improved
* emotional/social quality of life improved
* The effects were maintained for 10 weeks after the study
* Even one HeartBar improved walking distance
Could it be that one of our nurses, Barbara Anderson, is the second
author on this paper? Could she be the one who put us on to the
success of HeartBars? Would she answer questions about this
study? Give her a click at email @ redacted
and look up the product at www.cookepharma.com

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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