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Re: [IP] Counting the days!

><<<*vbg*  I can't wait, I'm turning cartwheels...  Woohoo!
>RoseLea  Hookup to Max is May 15!>>>

I truly share your "silly exuberance"!!! My friends and family have been 
"pumped" to death!! <G> I have had my nose in every imaginable book, video 
and on-line info source for months! I see the CDE Saturday....I have 
absorbed SO much info that it appears that I might get a "quick start-up"!! 
My sugar was 502 when I went to bed last night....Low to NO Carbs plus 
Humalog and the dreadful "N" insulin haven't kept me from having wildly 
swinging BGs...I test 6 to 8 times a day and now dread doing it. NOT 
because it hurts or is a bother....but because it just tells me how very 
sick I am and makes me feel helpless. My dr had said that testing a lot 
less often would be ok until I get pumping....just so my emotional 
stability would improve. I am a new patient of Dr Lodewick (wrote two 
books) and he UNDERSTANDS what is causing this and KNOWS that I am NOT 
contributing to it!! THAT alone is a blessing....not to have an accusing 
finger pointed at me!! The pump is going to be KEY...the closest I have 
been to control is in two situations.....one time I "over-rode" my old HMO 
drs' wishes and followed the Diabetic Trials rigid control for three 
months...took insulin in MANY very tiny doses throughout the day (over the 
course of about 18 to 20 hours each day) and tested myself every few hours 
to adjust. The other time was when I ate only a half chicken breast a day 
for a few weeks and QUIT insulin entirely...I got to 140-ish and stayed 
there!! So the problem is INSULIN OVERLOAD and the resulting swings from 
overload-caused resistance!! I have known this for three years but couldn't 
convince the drs I "ran" through about it...that is, until I found Dr 
Lodewick!! He was somewhat amazed that I had figured part of it out...he 
filled me in on the rest of the picture...and knows that the pump is 
So, if I had the energy, I would be quite acrobatic with cartwheels too!! 
Oh Happy Day......there are SO many of us standing on this precipice 
looking UP at hope for our futures....elbow room, please!! <G>  Carole Eve

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