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Re: [IP] Pre-Pump classes

RoseLea wrote:
> Seems that doctors handle pump starts differently.  I also did not have to
> take any "classes" before deciding on the pump.  I did do a 2 day trial on
> saline to make sure the pump I chose was the pump I wanted and that I could
> handle it.  When I get hooked up, I spend 2 - 3 hr periods with my CDE and
> nutritionist to make sure I understand how to use the pump. 

Varies tremendously. I had to have an extensive evaluation before
getting approved for the pump, and then a total of 4 days getting hooked
up, with carb counting, sick day care, mechanics, etc. 

For me, it was too much, because I already knew most of what they were
teaching, but I'm sure some people really need that much. I think it
would be different for a parent trying to work with a child, too --
children's BGs are so much more volatile because of growth and irregular

> My CDE will be
> on call 24/7 for me in case I have any problems while we adjust me to the
> pump.

NO, you have to adjust the pump to YOU!!!!  That's the beauty of it!!!!

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