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Re: [IP] IEPs and 504s

Deborah wrote:
> I think that the WHY is very
> important. The 504 never tells the teachers WHY the child needs  to go the
> bathroom more or WHY they should never be left alone when low, or WHY a
> child can't take a test when they are low. I think teachers need to know why
> the child needs these things, teacher don't need to be told "just do them",
> that is unfair to both teacher and child.

DEFINITELY agreed!!!!  :)

The 504's in our district do discuss the reason for accommodations.  

The biggest challenge is figuring out a way to fulfill those
accommodations without compromising the confidentiality issue. It's easy
enough to give preferential seating to a child with vision or hearing
problems, but a lot harder to deal with the rest of the class when
Johnny has candy or a coke and the others aren't allowed to eat or drink
in class and no one knows WHY he gets this "privilege".  

In high school, one part of the problem can be that the diabetic child
doesn't WANT others to know about the diabetes, and yet, if no one
knows, then it's impossible to accommodate properly. I think I've
mentioned this before, but last year, I had a diabetic child in my class
for SEVEN WEEKS before I found out about it. I shudder to think of what
might have happened if he'd had a hypo -- I'm really not sure I would
have handled it properly! (I've HAD enough hypos, but SEEN one only

I think this is an area that still requires a lot of work, both on the
part of parents AND schools -- unfortunately, not all parents OR school
administrators are as knowledgeable and proactive as the folks on this


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