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[IP] Bouncing Basals AND Carb Ratios

I'm 55 and my basals change every couple of weeks!  Not only that but so do 
my insulin carb ratios at times.  I'm pretty sure of myself as my daytime 
basals are fine and so are my carb ratios but depending on the time of year 
(I think it has something to do with the growth hormone and light [and yes 
I'd appreciate any input here] as time changes and daylight hours seem to 
put me back in square one.  I hate it! Nevertheless I get up all night 
- -every night almost- checking and adjusting Blood Sugars and some times I 
get a break and they remain stable for a few days.  I am willing to listen 
[a first?] to anyone on this list - even Wayne!!!- who has input or just 
wants to blow off steam.  Email me privately, as well as the list; I don't 
want to miss any posts.  email @ redacted

Frustrated in Arkansas,
Dianne De Mink who's had Type I for 35 years and STILL has questions.

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