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[IP] Re: Hi...and my new pump!!

><<<<both companies make decent products.  Like
>all products, what one person calls features another calls design flaws...
>Rev. Randall Winchester>>>>

    YAHOO!!! I just got my pump in the mail today (Disetronic) !!! My Bg 
was 397 this morning and has been running in the 300s for a couple 
years...so you KNOW how happy I am!!! I seem to have 24 hour a day 
"pre-dawn" phenom and even a carbo free diet doesn't keep it down!
As to the Pump Wars....I chose mine because of my severe hearing loss...the 
waterproof issue didn't apply to me. The next Disetronic has a real good 
volume level for ME. I got ONE pump in a program to be able to swap out for 
the new D-Tron coming out in June. They don't feel a need to provide two 
pumps anymore...they have established themselves in the pumping community 
and can offer single pumps (it seemed like a great marketing strategy for 
an internationally established company to enter the US market...in my 
humble opinion) . I was going with MiniMed.....one is as great as 
another...just individual needs pointed me to Disetronic....after all...I 
HAVE to be able to hear/feel alarms...yes?
Be that as it may...a MiniMed in that UPS box would have thrilled me 
equally....I don't want anymore stokes, keto episodes, loss of 
consciousness, extremely painful neuropathy causing mobility problems, 
heart deterioration, high blood pressure, weight gain from excessive 
insulin, depression to the point of wondering if life has value, divorce 
due to the stresses, near amputation of both legs due to gangrene from out 
of control infection...and I CAN go on with this litany. I am so VERY glad 
to have the ability to acquire and use ANY pump!!!! We all do comparisons 
when faced with multiple choices and, hopefully, make our decision based on 
PERSONAL needs and preferences.....but input from others is helpful, too.
This new little marvel is a great source of hope for me...and somewhat of a 
scary thing (LOL) I just might learn the other side of the coin...dealing 
with LOWS!!!
I read all your postings about fussing over Bgs of 140 and I can't imagine 
what that would be like!
Add me to the newbie list with RoseLea and the rest!!!! YAHOO!!!
Carole Eve

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