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[IP] "ACED" the Ace Inhibitor Test

Greetings all:
    If I were to actually stop & think about how far we've come, I'd probably 
be typing this through my tears...tears of JOY that is....For those of you 
who forgot the specifics of Melissa's "kidney saga", she's been taking 
Vasotec, an Ace inhibitor for almost 3 yrs. Prior to that time we'd seen the 
protein collection in her 24 hr urine tests range from 300 mgs at age 12 to 
500 mgs (at which point the endos did NOT intercede) to 1200 to 1500 to an 
astounding 2600 right before she had to undergo a kidney biopsy in November 
'97. The results showed no other causative factors thankfully, but it was 
apparent that her predisposition to  shed protein when upright (orthostatic 
proteinuria) was being exacerbated by the strain of the diabetes. 6 months 
later, the amount of protein had plummeted to 288 mgs & a year ago, it was 
comparable at 300mgs. In the interim, I was heartened to learn that the same 
hospital which had dismissed her earliest readings, was now starting kids on 
Ace inhibitors as soon as they were evidencing more than 30 mgs of protein in 
24 hrs. By the way, under 30 is considered "normal", 30-300 is 
microalbuminuria & anything higher is proteinuria. Melissa's pediatric 
nephrologist believes adamantly that annual 24 hr screenings should be done 
on everyone with diabetes - even young children. When I asked her what would 
have happened at the rate she was "leaking" protein had we NOT interceded & 
started the pills, she matter-of-factly said " I have no doubt she'd have 
been on dialysis within 5 years". How's that for a heart-stopper???? Also 
explains why I continue to "broadcast" my daughter's story in cyberspace, 
because just as with the benefits of pump therapy, far too many physicians 
don't want to hear that the old "oh you don't ever have to worry about 
complications for 10-15 yrs" or "oh kids are always complication- free until 
their 20s" is no longer valid in this era where early intervention CAN make a 
dramatic difference, if warranted.  It's now one year later & again Melissa 
did a 24 hr collection. I'd bought her a "day of the week" pill box to ensure 
that she wasn't missing doses & that seems to have been a worthwhile purchase 
becase:  Just called for the latest results on Melissa's 24 hr urine  protein 
total...and the result was:
                  166 mgs/24 hrs!!!!!!!!
Regards, Renee ( happy pump-mom to a happy 17 yr old who just left with tears 
in her eyes!)
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