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Re: [IP] Tired of changing basals!

yes, holly,
I am frustrated too!  ....especially since I want to nail down night time
basals for camp and outdoor ed. in two weeks.

but...I am finding that the basals really are pretty much stable during the
daytime and I agree...I think the carb ratio is what needs to be fine tuned.
especially if we are cognizant  of the glycemic index of dinner foods!    if
we get aggressive and use 1:12 instead of 1:15 or 1:19...we have much better
numbers late at night.  (not in 300's)
this is if geneva eats pasta, potatoes, pizza,  etc.  the usual high BS

also...are you noticing that the warm weather is affecting basals?  geneva
is seeming to need just a bit less basal now.  outside more and doing more
activity also.

mom to g.  age 11

> Do any of you parents of pumper kids take a break from constantly changing
> basals>I'm gonna
> just change her carb/insulin ratios, except at night - where basals have
> be right.

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