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Re: [IP] IEPs and 504s

Natalie A. Sera wrote:

> IEPs are only for children who are certified as Special Ed...

> 504's are an attempt to remedy that problem for kids who really do have
> a disability or health problem but are keeping up academically...

I find that the 504 form that the schools use, is hard to work with. Most of
the form is for children who have severe disabilities. We end up using the
margins to write in what pertains to Eve. I would like to see a 504 form
that has more blank spaces. The IEP is a nicer form b/c has more space on it
to write, like what needs to be done and why. I think that the WHY is very
important. The 504 never tells the teachers WHY the child needs  to go the
bathroom more or WHY they should never be left alone when low, or WHY a
child can't take a test when they are low. I think teachers need to know why
the child needs these things, teacher don't need to be told "just do them",
that is unfair to both teacher and child.

Deborah mom to Eve 12.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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