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Re: [IP] thinness

> Whoever decides that THIN is better than 
> HEALTHY is not a wise person at all
> (I'm not implying that that's what was 
> meant by the post).
Having DELIBERATELY induced DKA on more than one 
occasion as a means of loosing weight I can agree with 
that.  I think back on my behavior, sure I'd loose 40 
pounds in 2-3 months in exchange for getting little 
sleep (from peeing all night) throwing up what food I 
could get down, and ultimately having to take a week off 
work for hospitalization when I finally collapsed, and 

> I am a proud size 11, yes, it's a double 
> digit, but I look good, I feel pretty good
> (other than thyroid problem) and it 
> just doesn't matter to me anymore.  Who
> cares if I'm a size 8 or a size 11? Not me, 
> not my friends, (also size 11-12's) not my 
> hubby.......there are other things to 
> focus on in life than whether you are thin 
> or thinnest.  

I've got the same mentality drilled into my subconcious 
as most american women.  Thin == Attractive == Good.  
Okay, I admit I have a fairly butch personality so the 
obsession with looks seems unbecomming.  But well, I'm a 
complicated individual so stuff it :p :)

I fit myself into anything from a size 8 to a size 14 
depending on who makes it and how revealing or 
casual/frumpy I want to look.  My favorite sweater is an 
XXL that I can wrap myself up in, but I've been known to 
wear a size 8 tank-dress (albeit a long one) with a size 
10 jacket for office meetings on occasion.  Then proceed 
to wear size 12 jeans slung across my hips when out and 

Now, you may say "but a size 8 is FINE!"... To that I 
can only say "It's fine until you look in the mirror and 
all the social conditioning comes crashing back."

> I say this as a 5'4" woman weighing in 
> at 140 lbs.   Not skinny, I have broad 
> shoulders (was teased in high school 
> for my 'football shoulders')
I'm 6'0"/170lbs... and while that weight is perfectly 
acceptable given my height, the number itself looming 
out there ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY POUNDS never ceases to 
give me grief.  Especially given my very ample hips 
(all bone), it's a shame I can't bear children because 
I've probably got room for two or three at a time!

> and I look rather strong -  I pride myself 
> on that, rather than being a skinny mini.  
> It's all in your state of mind. 
I notice the strong look is gaining popularity amongst 
women.  I wouldn't say I look particularly muscular, but 
one would be hard pressed to describe me as lithe or 

> Besides, I like being asked by
> guys to open the pickle jars that 
> they can't budge.  ;)
heh heh, how many times have I been in the ethnic 
grocery store when some short jewish man will ask me to 
help him reach something on the top shelf? :)  Plus 
these long arms are good for getting leverage on those 
pickle lids.

- -Sara G. (who was heartened only this morning by seeing 
a woman in a midrif whos tummy is almost as big as hers)

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