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Re: [IP] More D-tron Info

Jackie wrote:

>>I was quite bummed
out on Friday when I got the "exciting news" that Animas was delaying their
date to do clinical trials and I was going to be pump-less even longer.
Hearing all the people say that any pump is better than no pump has helped
me feel a bit better about reconsidering the other options and getting
something to help my control as soon as I can.<<

I too liked the features on the Animas pump, but decided not to wait until
they got it all worked out and pumps available for people.  I start my Dis
on May 15, and I can't wait.  Every pump is a good pump, doesn't matter
which one.   Each just has a few different features.  I liked the 2-pump
deal with Dis, which was my main reason for making that choice.  I am also
signed up with the Power of Choice program so I can look at the newer pumps,
and since the D-Tron comes with a pen for backup, that makes that 1-pump
deal a little more attractive to me as well.


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