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re:[IP] inncorrect A1C.....it happens

Subject: [IP] Incorrect A1c....it happens

I too had a mix up this past time with my A1C.  In Feburary my A1C was
6.8.  My first one after going on the pump and down from 7.3 in Dec.
(prior pump).  In April I had another done and it came back at 8.6.  I
was floored.  I knew I had not been as good as I should have but I knew I
wasn't that bad to slip so much.  My CDE thought the same after looking
at my numbers agian and ordered a new one to be done.  It came back at
6.8.  What a relief!!!  Come to find out the lab techs at the military
hospital I go to had transposed the numbers when entering them into the
	This made me think what would have come of it if my real A1C was 9.5 and
was transposed to 5.9.  we would have never thought to question it. 
Sometimes you just have to wonder...........

Sheila Morris
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