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: [IP] thinness

It really doesn't matter how thin you are. Your real self is what you are
and not what you weigh. There is a trend today that is disturbing: everyone,
male or female must look like a model. Thin, beautiful and sexy. This puts
unrealistic pressure on us. Even though  I am 5' 9 and weigh 160, my
daughters think I'm too heavy. I told them that I have all that I want with
my life the way it is. I'm not interested in attracting other women although
I admit I do like to look at them. I can see that some people feel their
self image is somehow reduced by gaining weight and being heavy, I guess
diabetes is an additional factor but its not worth getting sick over. One of
my diabetic friends used to skip some of her MDI's to loose a few pounds.
She was so tired and sick most of the time she couldn't function. Most
diabetic women I know are already too thin and weight conscious for their
own good. It's nice to be the thinnest corpse in the morgue and you'll do
your pallbearers a favor by being light so it isn't a strain to carry you to
your final resting place where no one will see you or care what you looked
like. Personally, I'd rather have you here complaining. Andy Bender
email @ redacted

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