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[IP] Incorrect A1c....it happens

Hi everybody,

Erica had a fantastic endo clinic visit a few weeks ago.  About 6wks
prior to Erica's endo clinic we had her A1c done at our local medical
facility   It came back at 7.1.  It was around what I had expected, with
a minimum of lows, and a conservative approach with nightime sugars.
However, for a month prior to going into the clinic which is at the
Children's hospital, I had become more assertive, and we had dropped our
targets for nighttime and things were going very well.  I certainly
expected that the A1c she would get would be less than 7.1 as her
overnight sugars had dropped and daytime had improved too.  I waited
and waited for the call from the cde and it never came.  Finally, I
could stand the suspense no longer and called Sheilagh, the CDE.  She
told me that Erica's A1c had come in at 8.3!!  After I caught my breath,
I rather forcefully told her that that was plain and simply incorrect!!
Her previous one had been 7.1 only 6 wks prior and we had actually
improved control considerably when you count those nightime sugars.  I
was ready to erupt when Sheilagh said I was right, and they were so sure
that Erica's A1c was wrong they sent it to a lab in another city to have
it checked and had planned to call when they got the results.  They
think there are some problems with their own lab as they have been
seeing a pattern lately where people on MDI are sending in the 3 month
A1c (usually done in their own local medical facility) and it is lower
than the one that is done in the clinic every 6 months.  When Erica's
came in at 8.3, they sent her blood and that of a few others off to
Toronto to be done over.  Whew!! Not that I am hoping for a problem with
the lab, or personnel at the hospital lab, but I sure hope they are the
culprits because otherwise we would have to put Erica in a hypo state
most of the day to have a good A1c and that won't happen!!  I am
confident there IS a problem, and it ISN'T with Erica :)

So anyway, just wanted to share my story.  Now I wait to hear back from
them when they get the results back from the other lab.  I am pleased
that they were so confident Erica's A1c was wrong they sent her blood
away for a recheck. We deal with a super diabetes clinic, we are so

Barb...Mom to Erica, spontaneous, free spirit, more devilish than ever,
and full of love.

See ya!

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