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[IP] Sara's Idea for Partnering a MA tag with the pump

- ----What about
partnering a Medic Alert ID tag up WITH the pump

- - -Sara G. (Thinking that she may just want to write
MM/D/A/MA about this idea and see who picks it up...)----

This is a good Idea, at least if you ware your pump on a belt or (not
covered up).  Maybe sewing an MA tag on the leather case.  I realize not
everyone uses a case but I like this Idea best.  I might find someone with a
scanner that allows you to program a sewing machine to embroider a patch
saying Medical alert and put the card inside the leather case.

I will also take this moment to say I met my first pumper, other than
through a Doctor.  I was at a Subway in Fort Dodge, Iowa and saw a 507
attached to a guys belt.  It was great to talk with someone who was has
happy to have a pump as I was.  He had had the pump for 2.5 years compared
to me being a newbe but it was great.  I wish every Diabetic could
experience the comfort the pump has given me and my family.

Tom Carlson - Pumping with a 508 for 4 months

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