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[IP] RE: diving

Jenny wrote:  I scuba all of the time <snip> often 100 feet or more <snip>

Thanks, Jenny.  This is exactly what i wanted to know.  I knew someone here
would've tried this already.

Andrew Bender, M. D. wrote: I do not think that the pumps currently marketed
could take the pressure of
a 100' dive <snip>. 

I agree.  I doubt any electronic devices could that were'nt designed for it.
I was worried about the set.

<snip>I was told not to dive after my diagnosis was made. <snip>

This is another example of YMMV.  I've been diving for more than 10 yrs w/o
incident, but w/ lots of precautions.  At this time in my life diving is not
something i will willingly give up as long as i feel comfortable doing it.

Thanks to all who responded.  As always, your advice is very appreciated.

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