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[IP] Your A1C result

Hi Jackie,

Please don't get discouraged.  As I wrote in an earlier post, sometimes
I think we get too caught up in that one number.  My HbA1C prepump was
6.8 and 2 1/2 months later it was still 6.8--didn't budge. However, I
have a one touch profile meter and download the results to my computer,
and they are a dramatic difference from the same period a year ago.  I
have 65% normal readings now, vs. around 50% before, only 12% lows vs.
15% a year ago, and 23% highs vs. 35% a year ago.  That's a huge
difference!  And the standard deviation (i.e., a good measure of the
fluctuation between highs and lows) is down from 75 to 55.

Do you keep track of your blood sugar readings on a computer?  If so,
you might want to check those numbers--I'm betting they are a lot better
post-pump than pre-pump, regardless of a static A1C number.

Keep looking up!

Todd (48 years old, diabetic since 1965, pumping since January 10, 2000)

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