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Re: [IP] thinness

I am not thin..I used to be too skinny. I grew up in the era of Twiggy so
anorexia is not new it just now has a name. I am on prednisone and some
other meds that cause weight gain. However I have a wonderful cholesterol
count (174)...and my weight remains stable ( not going up and down) which
is what the doctor has told me is best and my B/P is good.  Health is more
than being too skinny.  Thankfully my focused has changed from being too
skinny to trying to be healthy in the ways I can be considering all my body
has to deal with. Even in a wheelchair I have not gained weight. But then
again there is alot of exercise involved with a manual chair. In 10 days I
get my new sip and puff power chair..I hope the sipping and puffing will
prove to be exercise.  Life is precious..and beauty comes from within. I
have met many beautuful overweight women .  Maybe our society has an image
of what the perfect woman has to look like and those seeking that look have
given up health for "the look".
I prefer to be me :) To think I use to think Twiggy had "the look". I
remember drinking that pre digested protien in dier 7-up which would put a
person in DKA. I am thankful I woke up to the fact I could have all sorts
of health problems from that "diet". My A1C is good now even with pred and
so are my BGs which I am proud of. It is difficult to maintain a 111
fasting pre breakfast BG on 120 MGs pred a day. I could not achieve this
without the pump.
Dawn- you are so right :)
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At 09:11 PM 05/02/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Whoever decides that THIN is better than HEALTHY is not a wise person at all
>(I'm not implying that that's what was meant by the post).  I am a proud
>size 11, yes, it's a double digit, but I look good, I feel pretty good
>(other than thyroid problem) and it just doesn't matter to me anymore.  Who
>cares if I'm a size 8 or a size 11? Not me, not my friends, (also size
>11-12's) not my hubby.......there are other things to focus on in life than
>whether you are thin or thinnest.  I will say that if you are overweight you
>could do yourself a lot of good by losing a few pounds - but it's not worth
>the fight, the struggle, and your self-esteem to diet your way down to
>nothing.  I say this as a 5'4" woman weighing in at 140 lbs.   Not skinny, I
>have broad shoulders (was teased in high school for my 'football shoulders')
>and I look rather strong -  I pride myself on that, rather than being a
>skinny mini.  It's all in your state of mind. Besides, I like being asked by
>guys to open the pickle jars that they can't budge.  ;)
>Dawn email @ redacted

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