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Re: [IP] sleeping hands

i have to respond to this thread - sleeping hands.

Kap has lows - 1st sign is hand falling asleep (he says tingling)- but he he 
usually to low to think clearly - I can tell it in his hand writing.  This is 
a day time thing only - but it has happened a few times w/ lows at night and 
he gets up and washes his hand in warm water.

Now, at night, if he goes low - he wakes up suddenly w/ legs cramps or his 
foot is a sleep.  And during the day, I can tell he is low because he will 
start to limp.
So, I have always had him test during these times and he as always been low.
Thankfully, it has been in the 50s low and not 20s and 30s low.
After, he is treated he is fine. 
This all could be growing pains, because Kap goes low with a cold and not 
high - like everyone tells me he should do, low fever =s a low.
Weird child, just like his Mom 
Out of our box - but we seems to make it in this world - one day at a time.
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping 1/19/00 - dxd 8/25/98
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