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[IP] thinness

Whoever decides that THIN is better than HEALTHY is not a wise person at all
(I'm not implying that that's what was meant by the post).  I am a proud
size 11, yes, it's a double digit, but I look good, I feel pretty good
(other than thyroid problem) and it just doesn't matter to me anymore.  Who
cares if I'm a size 8 or a size 11? Not me, not my friends, (also size
11-12's) not my hubby.......there are other things to focus on in life than
whether you are thin or thinnest.  I will say that if you are overweight you
could do yourself a lot of good by losing a few pounds - but it's not worth
the fight, the struggle, and your self-esteem to diet your way down to
nothing.  I say this as a 5'4" woman weighing in at 140 lbs.   Not skinny, I
have broad shoulders (was teased in high school for my 'football shoulders')
and I look rather strong -  I pride myself on that, rather than being a
skinny mini.  It's all in your state of mind. Besides, I like being asked by
guys to open the pickle jars that they can't budge.  ;)
Dawn email @ redacted

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