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Re: [IP] Re: Hi

I have both pumps. I like the fact that the D comes as a pair of pumps.  MM
at least the 507C has a 4 year warrenty..after which who knows? I guess I
pay to get it refurbished or get another pump. In either case it comes down
to both having 4 years. SO what IS the argument about? There is nothing
wrong with the D company..as well as nothing wrong with MM. There are no
flaws. Just each companies ways of doing things. Disetronic is made in
Switzerland and the laws there tell them to send 2 pumps.
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At 08:54 PM 05/02/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>On 1 May 00, at 4:59, Sandi Pope wrote:
>> well it's funny that you mentioned that since the D
>> comes with a spare then it is inferior (because it
>> must break down often) and that it is programmed to
>> die after two years is pure unadulterated lies
>> presumably from the MM literture or your trainer/rep. 
>No, it's just normal that after 25 years in the computer industry 
>you get suspicious of any company that sends "hot spares" for
>any product...  and you've just demonstrated the major point of my post 
>because - you sound like you are among the people who have to run down 
>other peoples choices to validate yours...  that observation is based on 20 
>years in the ministry working with people from all kinds of backgrounds in 
>all kinds of counseling situations... and that's not a flame but an 
>observation, since most of the post you got so upset about is written to 
>point out the flaws of the over-enthusiastic supporters of either pump 
>company... Read the last part - both companies make decent products.  Like 
>all products, what one person calls features another calls design flaws...
>denigrate either pump company is just a waste of time which could be 
>better spent working on the doctors and insurance companies to get them to 
>the point where more people would get a chance to see what pump therapy 
>(with either pump!) has to offer...
>> D asks each client to send in their pump after two
>> years so they can have it checked out to continue the
>> excellence, while the pump in going thru diagnostics
>> you have your back up to use, nice huh?  
>According to the Disetronic literature and Disetronic users, the pump shuts 
>down after two years.  There is a timer in each pump so you have to send it 
>back to be refurbished/checked/reset when the timer shuts the pump down.
>It's not "pure unadulterated lies" but it's one of those "extra features" 
>and is actually talked about as a good feature by the D reps.
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