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Re: [IP] Celebrations

My thoughts EXACTLY!!!!!  I would not have my diabetes to 'identify' with -
as hubby says....it's a part of who I am, and that will never change, for
better or worse.  I often think 'I am so lucky.....it could have been
leukemia or who knows what?'
Thankfully, it is diabetes - something that if I work at, I can control, and
feel that I've done a good job of doing.  Thanks for the insight,
Dawn mailto:email @ redacted

> Let me start by saying that I think it would be a million times worse to
> have a child with diabetes than have it myself, but maybe you might be
> to see things from my perspective a little.
> Every year I celebrate my dx.  (October 24th, my first day back at school
> was Halloween, which happens to be one of the handful of days that food
> drink is allowed freely in the school)  First off, I am SO greatful that I
> was born in 1978, not 1878 or even 1928 (although insulin would be
> discovered by that point, diabetes care was not nearly what it is today).
> Life is truely a GIFT.  I will never be happy that I have diabetes (or
> hopefully at one point I'll be able to say "had" diabetes), but I am a lot
> more aware of how lucky I am about the things I do have.  I think of all
> the things I have done in the past year, both with diabetes and completely
> apart from it (as much as that is possible).  I always have my family and
> friends.  During my hospital stay with my dx, that was the message that
> came through the loudest and clearest.....

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