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Re: [IP] Re: thinness

Thanks Jen .,

    I myself am a Diabetic for 18 yrs and on the pump for 11 yrs .. I 
struggle with my food and weight everyday of my life .. I was on Phen/Fen and 
it helped my Diabetes some and I lost 70 lbs only to be discouraged to gain 
30 lbs back and to struggle yet again and balance bolus with food and 
exercise to then get low eat and wonder why I exercised :-).. I know a lot of 
us out there struggle .. and it is not a joking manner I know it is hard and 
we often say things like " I am gonna do it if it kills me " but I think the 
best goal for me anyway is to just be health .. and hope the weight will 
follow .. so thanks Julie P.
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