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[IP] Re: thinness

> I am going to be thin, even if it kills me!!!!!!!!
> Emily

I'm an active member of this list--always read what is posted, but haven't said much lately.  This one I can't
ignore.  Emily, if you meant this as a joke, it's not funny.  And if you really believe it, then you need help.
There are too many women and girls who truly believe that death is preferable to not being "thin."  Among diabetic
women, rates of anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating are high.  There is tremendous pressure on women to
conform to arbitrary and unreasonable standards of thinness.  When you throw in the bizarre food- and
control-related aspects of diabetes, it puts women with diabetes at increased risk of developing eating
disorders.  I think that we have a responsibility, as educated diabetics with access to resources, to NOT
propagate that pressure here on the list.  There are women of all ages here, some of whom have waged
life-threatening battles with eating disorders.

If you truly mean that you would risk your life to be thin, then seek out some help here or elsewhere to deal with
that.  But let's not put that message out there for ourselves or the other women and girls on this list who are
already struggling with life-threatening health issues.



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