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Tracy, I sure feel for you having an infant with newly diagnosed Diabetes. 

Christmas was extremely difficult time of year (I thought) to be dx. We were 
on our way to Orlando to visit family from our home in VA when my son was 
stricken with Diabetes. We were in Atlanta, and didnt know the town or the 
docs or anyone...We felt very alone and scared. Kevin stopped breathing on 
the way to the hospital after barfing for about an hour straight.  We were in 
a hotel for the night...we never slept in it. My husband moved to one closer 
to the hospital for showers and one of us to sleep or eat. Our daughter was 
with us...& turned 13 on the way to the ER.  I remember going to the hotel 
late one night for a shower when I just lost it in the lobby cuz it was dark 
and I was afraid to walk to the hospital alone and I had been up for at least 
50 hours straight. Some nice man & his wife were checking in saw me and must 
have felt really sorry for me babbling about my son...and he drove me there. 
The Christmas Spirit!

It was an extremely hard time and any time I think of it, I have to remember 
how good we have it now with the pump! Tomorrow is Kevins 1 year pump 

Best of luck to you!

Mom of Kevin
pumping 1 year
dx 12/98, now 12 years old
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