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[IP] Celebrations

Let me start by saying that I think it would be a million times worse to
have a child with diabetes than have it myself, but maybe you might be able
to see things from my perspective a little.

Every year I celebrate my dx.  (October 24th, my first day back at school
was Halloween, which happens to be one of the handful of days that food and
drink is allowed freely in the school)  First off, I am SO greatful that I
was born in 1978, not 1878 or even 1928 (although insulin would be
discovered by that point, diabetes care was not nearly what it is today).
Life is truely a GIFT.  I will never be happy that I have diabetes (or
hopefully at one point I'll be able to say "had" diabetes), but I am a lot
more aware of how lucky I am about the things I do have.  I think of all of
the things I have done in the past year, both with diabetes and completely
apart from it (as much as that is possible).  I always have my family and
friends.  During my hospital stay with my dx, that was the message that
came through the loudest and clearest.  Basically there were two of us on
the floor.  Me, whose parents, siblings, classmates, teachers, friends,
bosses, kids I babysat for, coaches, teammates, were always
visiting/calling/sending cards.  The other was a 6 month old boy who was in
for "failure to thrive".  I spent a lot of time with him.  His mother did
not visit him once.  The only non-staff person who held him the entire week
was me.  Now diabetes may be awful, but not having family and friends to me
is unspeakably worse.  My dx annervery and Christmas are two times I think
of this in particular.  Every year I am proud for functioning as a pancreas
the best I could manage that year.  It is a time for hope for a "better"
next year.  I was not intended to function as a pancreas, but I do manage.

So, every year on October 24, I will celebrate the year with a vanilla
milkshake from McDonald's (long story) and a little bit of reflection of
the year gone by!

Today I was getting into my car to drive home and I got a little
philisophical.  I can not imagine who I would be without diabetes.  I would
be someone not quite the same.  I could not imagine what it would be like
to have a vacation because I know it is impossible.  I would still love to
try it.  I can not imagine how it will feel to be cured!  But I definately
will not mind figuring that one out!  :-)

Love and peace
Maureen and Jude (her pump)
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