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Re: [IP] diving

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Andrew Bender, M. D. wrote:

> I do not think that the pumps currently marketed could take the pressure of
> a 100' dive. The Animas pump is ok at 10 feet and the Disatronic I think can
> withstand 11 feet. My guess is that the pump would not be able to pump at
> that pressure not to mention leaking into the plastic case and damaging the
> pump. Minimed is not submersible but I've gotten mine wet and dried it off
> and its worked fine. Even though I was a certified diver, I was told not to
> dive after my diagnosis was made. The energy requirements are high and there
> is always the danger of a hypo, endangering you and your dive buddy. AB

What you say is true, and diabetes is a contraindication for diving of 
any kind. HOWEVER, all the guidelines, all past and PRESENT studies are 
only being done on individuals who are on MDI or type 2's on oral drugs. 
The development of a protocol for a pumper is somewhat simpler than the 
previous two scenarios. The danger is still real and present, but 
mitigated somewhat by the fact that insulin delivery can be and usually 
is stopped while diving. I would be delighted if DAN or another 
responsible agency would conduct a study on this with pumpers, but I've 
talked myself blue in the face with no results. They are hung up on the 
"general" population which is being treated with 40 year old technology 

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