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[IP] easter diagnosis

I was diagnosed with D just before easter when I was six.  I was in the
hospital for 7 days.

Mine was triggered by a virus - and I slide downhill fast because I had two
doctor visits (first onset of virus, a week later when no improvement) - and
he NEVER performed a simple test that could have cost me my life: an
urinalysis.  By the third appointment, I had wasted away to a skinny little
thing around 45-50 lbs, looked ethopian, slept > 20 hours a day, couldn't
stay awake even to eat or even in the waiting room of screaming children at
the docs.  I had rapsy breath (i.e. couldn't really breathe either), veins

I reeked of acetone... blacked several times as I was rushed to the hospital
in severe DKA, semi-comatose, with blood sugar > 1500.  I'm amazed to this
day that I survived it!  I have fragmented memories of it as I came in and
out.  I remember distinctly my mother's assertiveness about not filling out
forms, and the nurse saying "oops, wrong floor" ;)  I remember a bit more
than that, but... who wants to remember it all!!!

I have a lot of medical problems and every once in a while I hypothesize
that perhaps the damage done during that horrid incident is why I have so
many other mild problems... immune system is weak, GI tract is messed up
(non-D related), carpal tunnel (severe), severe allergies, mild asthma, some
chemical sensitivies, chronic sinusitis (allergy related), always have
headaches... and catch EVERY bug that comes along twice as bad as whomever I
got it from ;)

Who knows, all I know is I am still here, still fighting, still praying, and
still avoiding working on my final projects (I am a grad student).

Okay enough procrastinating, back to work...

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