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[IP] Re: Hi

On 1 May 00, at 4:59, Sandi Pope wrote:

> well it's funny that you mentioned that since the D
> comes with a spare then it is inferior (because it
> must break down often) and that it is programmed to
> die after two years is pure unadulterated lies
> presumably from the MM literture or your trainer/rep. 

No, it's just normal that after 25 years in the computer industry 
you get suspicious of any company that sends "hot spares" for
any product...  and you've just demonstrated the major point of my post 
because - you sound like you are among the people who have to run down 
other peoples choices to validate yours...  that observation is based on 20 
years in the ministry working with people from all kinds of backgrounds in 
all kinds of counseling situations... and that's not a flame but an 
observation, since most of the post you got so upset about is written to 
point out the flaws of the over-enthusiastic supporters of either pump 
company... Read the last part - both companies make decent products.  Like 
all products, what one person calls features another calls design flaws...  to 
denigrate either pump company is just a waste of time which could be 
better spent working on the doctors and insurance companies to get them to 
the point where more people would get a chance to see what pump therapy 
(with either pump!) has to offer...

> D asks each client to send in their pump after two
> years so they can have it checked out to continue the
> excellence, while the pump in going thru diagnostics
> you have your back up to use, nice huh?  

According to the Disetronic literature and Disetronic users, the pump shuts 
down after two years.  There is a timer in each pump so you have to send it 
back to be refurbished/checked/reset when the timer shuts the pump down.
It's not "pure unadulterated lies" but it's one of those "extra features" 
and is actually talked about as a good feature by the D reps.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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