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[IP] Sadness


Sorry to hear about your numbers.  I am waiting for insurance approval
to start pumping.  I have been diabetic for 46 years, 2 shots per day.
About 18 months ago (age 47) I put on 15#.  No reason, I just jumped
between visits to my doctor.  No one can explain it.  So, consequently,
insulin requirements rose and suddenly I was out of control.  HgA1c had
been between 5 and 6 on two shots per day.

Endo recommends 4 shots per day or the pump.  Here I am.  I still dont
understand where the weight came from.  DE says my metabolism could be
slowing down.  I, like you, feel like I eat very little.  It is very
frustrating.  My last HgA1c was 6.4 with bgs around 300.  Endo
prescribed fructosomine allay test?  Result was 411.  He then suggested
the pump.


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