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[IP] Re: Butt kicking


I have learned whether on the pump or injections you need to eat some
carbs ahead of time while reducing your insulin sometimes by 50%. 
Depending on the length of your activity you will need to replenish
yourself at least every half hour with at least 20 grams of carbs. In my
case I continue to burn additional calories for a few hours and
sometimes all night just as you did.  I've been in your shoes many times
and it isn't any fun.  You end up replacing the calories you just burnt
off.  Also keep in mind you will burn additional calories until you
become better conditioned. It will get easier for you in a few weeks.

I did a 25 mile bike ride tonight.  Eat about 80 grams of carbs ahead of
time.  Rode hard for 45 minutes and checked my BG.  It was at 55!  I had
reduced my dinner bolus by 40% and cut back my basel by 40% 90 minutes
ahead before going out.  So for me it 50% next time with 100 grams of

Of course this is how I handle exercise and in your case in may be
entirely different.  Be careful.

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