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[IP] Re: Micro infusion set

Hi Deb--

Of the 2 times it has occured the first was definitly a bent cannula.  I
pulled it out shortly after insertion.  The 2nd wasn't quite as bent but
never the less I was receiving NO Delivery alarms.  I did try what you
mentioned and the pump pumped fine until I reconnected it.

Called MM last night.  They recommend not pinching the skin when using
the soft-serter.  I've been pinching until now that is.


> Hi Mark!!
> Are you sure it's the infusion set?  Occasionally, I have had problems with
> the syringe not wanting to advance.  Were you taught to turn the plunger as
> you pull it out and push it in about 3 times before you fill your syringe?
> This is to evenly distribute the lubricant.  I kept getting no delivery
> alarms one time, and the site seemed to be fine.  I use the Quick Release
> sets, so I unhooked it and tried to give a bolus and got an alarm.  I
> thought there was a clog in the tubing, but couldn't see any problem.  So, I
> unhooked the tubing from the reservoir and still got an alarm.  I called
> MiniMed's 24hour help line and they said to twist the plunger as you push it
> in and out at least 3 times, before you fill the syringe.  I haven't had a
> problem since, so I guess that did the trick!!
> Good luck!!!
> Deb
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