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Re: Re[IP] .1 basal and diluting humalog

> U 40 insulin is not approved for pump use.
> Barbara B.
Hrmmm, I could have SWORN I saw that listed in the spec 
on at least two of the pump info packets...  Though, 
going back through the websites I only see mention of 
it on MM's

MM508 Specs: "Insulin Concentration: U-100 (default), U-
50 or U-40 options."

'course this doesn't mean U-40 or U-50 are APPROVED for 
use, then again Humalog isn't officially approved for 
use at all, but that doesn't seem to stop 99% of the 
people here...

D and Animas don't specifically mention mix types, 
though in running through Animas's virtual pump I 
couldn't find a setup option for it.

*shrug* I dunno... point is manually mixing them sounds 
iffy at best, but if your doc says do it, then it can't 
be all bad...

- -Sara G.(deeply disturbed by the fact that she just 
said that)

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