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Re: [IP] .1 basals and diluting humalog

> My educator felt that the MM 508 didn't 
> perform well at .1 so she had me dilute 
> my insulin 50% and deliver a .2 basal. 
> Have other folks used .1 (without diluting) 
> successfully?  Also, once you mix the
> insulin and dilutent in the mixing bottle 
> and 30 days pass, do you have to
> start over with a brand new mixing bottle 
> or can you try to empty the old bottle out?
Okay, I've never actually used U-40 Insulin but the 
IMPRESSION I get is that takes 2.5ml of U-40 to equal 
the potency of 1ml of U-100 (hence the names U-40 == 
40units per ml, U-100 == 100units per ml)...

ASSUMING this is correct for the moment... couldn't you 
get the same kind of dilution (well nearly the same 
anyway) by simply switching from U-100 to U-40 and 
setting the pump for .1u/hr (which since I believe all 
the pumps are adjustable for U-40 or U-100 will simply 
get read by the machine as "0.0025ml/hr")

If I'm interpreting the meanings of U-40 vs. U-100 then 
someone PLEASE correct me.

- -Sara G.

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