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Re: [IP] Getting my butt kicked!!!(in a good way)

Emily -

Again, this is a big time YMMV type of thing.  When I exercise or go to work
(note that I wait tables at a very busy diner in the upper WA state area) I
started by turning my basal rates down.  The first day I did strenuous stuff
I turned it down by 30%;  I ended up with blood sugars in the 160 range all
day (not bad, but not where I want them to be).  On the second day of
strenuous stuff I turned them down to 20%, that seemed to work pretty
ood  - readings between 90-126.  Just for the heck of it I tried turning it
down to 10%, and you guessed it, I ended up low for the entire day and well
into the evening.  I decided to stick with the 20%.  Now, today I am getting
into my PMS stage again, so I left my basals alone - I had to up them all
last month by .1 or more to cover my sugars, but today during work my
readings stayed right around 115 all day.  It will be interesting to see
what happens later tonight with it though.  What I do is about an hour
before the activity, turn the rates down a bit - and I leave them down for
about an hour after the activity as well - my sugars stay near range, and I
rarely ever experience any lows from activities anymore.  THANK GOD FOR MY
TETHERED FRIEND!!!!  I never would have had such an easy time dealing with
these things if I was still on MDI.  Good luck!
Dawn email @ redacted

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