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[IP] emily - exercise

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get a reading before,
middle and after exercise.  Yes, it's a lot of testing, but it is the
ONLY way to establish a trend.

It makes a difference whether you were high at the midpoint versus going
high an hour after.

Being "normal" at the end, and going high AFTER the exercise tends to
point towards a glucose dump from a liver, which as long as you are
aware of, is easy to handle.  It could also indicate a low and a rebound
which means you need to test (maybe once or twice) extensively after
exercise to figure out which one is hitting you, as the treatments are
very different.

Going high in the middle and progessively higher indicates you need more
basal during the exercise.

As for lows hours after, this one is a common phenomenon - try like
Michael said, cutting your basal by .1 or .2 overnight and see how it

It took me about 3-4 weeks to establish trends and scenarios for how to
handle most of my exercise adventures.  FYI, I have to handle it
differently by time of day, amount of insulin in my bloodstream (ie. any
boluses 4-5 hours prior, and yes, I am on humalog), and what i've eaten
recently.  I rarely need to eat to exercise and rarely go low because of
all the hard work I put into those 3-4 weeks of figuring it all out.


And let us know how it goes...
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