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Re: [IP] first camping trip

<snip>  extra pump supplies - this is what I figure on bringing:
- - -cartridge, new set, IV prep wipes, little bottle of hand sanitizer,
adhesive, insulin, batteries, and just in case a syringe. Am I forgetting
anything?  This is the first time I've really been away from home with my
pump. <snip>

I go backpacking and/or canoeing fairly regularly.  What I do is set up two
kits with my supplies equally split.  Then these two kits are kept in two
entirely different places (one is with me, and one is with someone else in
a different backpack/canoe).  This is so if something happens to the one
kit, I have the other one that I could "survive" with.  In each one I have:
infusion set(s)
2-3 lancettes (which is WAY more than I need)
bottle of hand sanatizer
various tapes (IV 3000 along with some sort of cloth tape)
batteries (5, my FastTakes use the same type as well)
test strips
backup meter (I have 3 FastTakes, I keep one on me, and one in each kit)
Ketostrips (the foil wrapped kind)
2-3 syringes
cake gel
antibiotic ointment
instant hand warmers (in case of an infected site)

In addition, to this I have a glucogen kit somewhere with me (well, someone
I'm with has it anyhow).  Some of this might be an overkill, but I haven't
had any problems.  It really does not take up that much space either.  Most
of these items are in ziplock baggies.  Especially when I was on my trip in
Utah (there was about a 50 mile stretch of river that we had to either
paddle upstream or continue down if we needed help, and even then would
have to wait until someone showed up "which usually someone comes down
everyday"), this set up gave me some piece of mind.  I have a small camera
case that I keep attached to me with my "main" meter, test strips, and "low
food".  If I'm climbing around or other things that might cause my pump to
get scratched, Jude usually goes into the camera case as well.

Good luck and have fun!
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