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Re: [IP] 504 pleasant surprise

Dear Deborah: You did good!!!!! I have been following your notes about your 
school meetings etc. and want to say.........Way to Go!!!  It just goes to 
show that when we approach an issue with knowledge and confidence, we are so 
much better off that going in and demanding things to be done OUR way.  I 
must tell you that I think God had a lot to do with this little ordeal also. 
With Him it seems things just go better. You "mom's" out there are doing such 
a great job dealing with your diabetic children. My 10 yo grandson was 
diagnosed 6 mos ago.  Is a pro at counting carbs and measuring.  His A1 was 
5.4! Is on just 2 injections per day, exercises on time etc.  He is home 
schooled so It that seems to be working out well.  I do wonder why some of 
you are on MDI and he is so well controlled on 2?  Does anyone know?  When I 
visited him in Col. his BG's were always perfect!  Of course, we ran contests 
to see whose was best!.......Jackie
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